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Monday, December 8, 2008

Body Cells and Differentiation-Lesson 1

Body cells are different types. We often may read about stem cell types. Like in a movie there are many actors to do their different roles to establish a story, in our body there are different kinds of cells to do different roles to keep the body stable and active.

The cells in our body are of two types:
1. Somatic cells. Our body contains Muscle cells, Nerve cells, Skin cells, and Fat cells. These kind of cells performing mainly body related functions and so they are called Somatic cells. There are varieties of cells inside the body. Every cell is different or specially created to do their special role inside the body throughout.

Fat Cell: For example in body cells a FAT CELL has in it empty and large spaces for fat storage, and a muscle is slender and long and has in it fiber material that help in relaxing and contracting, as well as a skin cell is square in shape and also flat in structure to give protection to our body and a nerve cell which is long in structure and also has many types of extensions of fibers those help in its work of impulses carrying.

Sex cells:  These cells do reproductive activities like cell division and help in producing a fetus.

A cell is performing one or more specific functions. There are five types of body cells in the human body:
We can divide them into two groups, such as SOMATIC CELLS AND SEX CELLS.

SOMATIC CELLS: They are called as body cells because they perform body related functions like contraction, expansion, protection, communication of information, and movements etc. They are of four types:

1. Epithelial cell - These cells found as the lining and covering of organs and body cavities.

2. Connective cell- these cells supports as bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments, protects as the bony cavities and as protective immune cells in the blood, and stores nutrients.

3. Nervous cell- these cells, which carry information in the form of impulses throughout the body.

4. Muscle cell - these cells contract to perform movements such as skeletal muscle movements, GI tract propulsion, and pumping of blood in the heart.

These cells perform activities related reproduction. Thus, different kinds of cells in our body performing different actions.

Ok, next we move on to the next lesson...come on...

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