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Friday, January 22, 2010


1. Fluor/o- means flourescence orluminous. Fluroscopy is a visual examination of tissues and deep structures on a fluorescent screen using fluoroscope.
2. Is/o- means same. Radioisotope- The isotope changes to a mere stable state by emitting radiation.
3. Leth/o- means death. Lethal-point to death.
4. Mucos/o- means mucous. Mucositis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane.
5. Pharmaceut/o- means drug. Radiopharmaceutical is combined form of isotope and drug. isotope + drug
6. Radi/o- means x-rays. Radioresistant is the resistance to x-rays. Radiosensitivity is the feature of accepting or responding to x-rays.
7. Roentgen/o- means x-rays. Roentgenology is the stimulation of x-rays.
8. Scintill/o- means spark. Scintillation is the use of diagnostic imaging scanner.
9. Son/o- means sound. Sonogram is the visual examination using sound waves.
10. Therapeut/o- means treatment. Therapeutic is a word that points to treatment.
11. Tom/o- means to cut. Tomography is the visual examination of axial view in depth.
12. Vitr/o- means glass. In vitro is the examination outside test tube or outside the body.
13. Viv/o- means life. In vivo means examination within inside of the living body organisms.
14. Xer/o- means dry. Xerostomia is the dryness of mouth.

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