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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Muscular Skeletal joints - Vocabulary terms - Lesson 225

     1.      Articulation means joint. 2.  Bursa means sac of fluid at a joint. 3. Ligament means the connective tissue which binds bones to other bones; or supports and strengthens the joint. 4. Suture joint is a type of joint in which opposed surfaces are closely united. 5. Synovial cavity is the space between bones at a synovial joint. 6. Synovial fluid is the viscous fluid within the synovial cavity. Synovial fluid is as same as the viscosity in egg white; or this results for the origin of the term(syn- means like, ov/o means egg).
     7. Synovial joint is a freely movable joint. 8. Synovial membrane is the membrane lining the synovial cavity. 9. Tendon is the connective tissue which binds muscles to bones.

The Combining Forms with their meanings are listed below.
1. ankyl/o means crooked, bent stiff and its terminology is ankylosis which means a fusion of the bones across a joint space by either bony tissue (bony ankylosis) or growth of fibrous tissue(fibrous ankylosis). This immobility and stiffening of the joint most often occurs in rheumatoid arthritis.

2. arthr/o means joint and its terminology is arthroplasty which is the replacement arthroplasty is the replacement of one or both bone by a prosthesis(artificial part) of metal or plastic.
a. arthrotomy means cutting into a joint.
c. Hydrarthrosis means a swelling in the joint commonly in the knee.
d. Periarthritis means inflammation around the shoulder.
e. Hemarthrosis means bleeding into joint spaces.

3. articul/o means joint and its terminology is articular cartilage.

4. burs/o means bursa and its terminology is bursitis in which Ecology may be related the patient stress placed on the bursa or diseases such as gout or rheumatoid arthritis. Involvement becomes limited and painful. Intrabursal injection of corticosteroids as well as rest and splinting of the limb is helpful in treatment.

5. chondr/o means cartilage and its terminology is achondroplasia which is an inherited condition and the bones of the arms and legs fail to grow into normal size owing to a defect in cartilage and bone formation. Dwarfism occurs, with short limbs and a normal sized head and body.

a.       Chondromalacia patellae is a roughening of the inner surface of the kneecap, resulting in pain, a grating sensation, and instability of movement.
6. ligament/o means ligament and its terminology is ligamentous.

7. rheumat/o means watery flow and its terminology is rheumatologist in which various forms of arthritis are marked by collection of fluid in joint spaces.

8. synov/o means synovial membrane and its terminology is synovitis.

9. ten/o means tendon and its terminology is tenorrhaphy and tenosynovitis.

10. tendin/o means tendon and its terminology means tendinitis.

In the next post we would learn some suffixes and their meanings.

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