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Monday, November 11, 2013

How To Use 'Dare' in Sentences as an Auxiliary Verb?

DARE:   Dare is an auxiliary and also a verb. The uses of dare as an auxiliary are: 1. When we want to give the exact meaning “be brave enough to----“ in a sentence. 2. This auxiliary is used only in simple present tense. Related to the auxiliary verb ‘dare’ only one rule is observed.
In simple present tense, the auxiliary verb ‘dare’ is used in present form. Example of the structure of the sentence is: 1. How dare you talk to me like this? 2. I dare not insult you madam. Someone has misinformed you. Note: In the general questions form, we can use only ‘how’, we cannot use other interrogatives. In the above question the starting is with ‘how’ but it need not to be with dare. It may be with any other suitable present auxiliaries.  We are learning free MT course in this blog.

Some more examples are given below.
1. Do you dare touch a live tiger?
2. The dog dare not attack the visitors.
3. That man dare not hit my daughter in my presence.
4. They dare not proceed on the talks without me.
5. Does my brother dare disobey me?

In the last lesson How to use 'NEED' in Sentences as an Auxiliary Verb? In this post, we came through the ideas of some of the auxiliary verbs. From the next post we would try to learn about some of the conditional statements.

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