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Monday, January 2, 2017

Blood Work Lab Values Abbreviations

First of all, Happy New Year wishes for all our free medical transcription course blog readers. This post aims to make you well aware of all the lab tests that are done to know the blood values before diagnosing disease condition of a patient.  This article aims to know what are the important abbreviations used in blood test lab values.

After we know about the important blood work abbreviations, we can then move to know about blood lab tests one by one. Okay.

The following are the important abbreviated forms that are used in the lab blood works.

1,  dl - deciliter

2. gm - gram

3.  Hg - mercury

4.  IU - international

5.  l - liter

6.  mEq - milli-equivalent

7.  mg - milligram

8.  m - millimeter

9.  mm3 - cubic millimeter

10.  pg - picogram

11.  mu symbol with l - microliter

12.  mu symbol with m3 - cubic micron

In the coming posts, we will see about complete blood work tests, such as atrial blood gases, blood electrolytes, blood cell counts, coagulation tests, blood proteins and pigments, immune system components, serum immunoglobulins, blood enzymes, plasma and serum values etc.

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