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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Comparison of Adjectives

In the recent post you have seen that three kinds of adjectives usage. Now in this post we would learn further information about the degrees of comparison.

Then how and when to use the Comparative degree? The comparative degree is used whenever the quality is expressed which is superior to positive degrees. We note that the value of two qualities, one will overcome the other in some way. Inorder to express the difference in the quality, this comparative degree is used. A comparative my work like positive in its job as an adjective. Hence we describe it as a noun, and we must place it just to the left of a noun.  For Example: 1. Rita is a prettier girl than Dancy. In this example we have used the comparative degree - PRETTIER - followed by the word 'than'. We must use 'than' in sentences of comparative degree or otherwise the sentence is wrong. Here in the above example we have compared Dancy with Rita or Rita with Dancy. We have given result positively about Rita.
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If we write the above sentence as "Rita is prettier than Dancy", the sentence will be wrong because "Prettier"  is not describing any noun. Thus "prettier" would turn out to be an Adverb and not an Adjective. Hence we used as a noun after the comparative.

Example 2. Lusy is a sweeter person than her sister is.

Example 3. This candle is longer one than that candle is.

In the above examples we often compare one thing with another, one person with another, and in this comparision will always result that one is better than the other. Whenever we talk of two situations, discuss two persons or two things, we always end up in comaparision. In the above two sentences which are complex sentences because "than" is acting as a conjuction. Like in the above examples we should remember than an auxiliary and verb are very much present in the second sentence.

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