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Monday, October 17, 2011

Esophagus Diseases And Disorders

In this article we will see what would be the causes of intestinal cancer, especially, gastrointestinal cancer.  As a medical transcriptionist trainee, we should all know about small intestinal cancer symptoms and gastic intestinal cancer symptoms. The long food tube, anatomically known as gastrointestinal tract is placed behind the heart. This is a long tube like structure that connects mouth with gastric tube or food tube where the food is settled from the mouth for digestion. This tube is called esophagus, which sized approximately of 25 cm to 30 cm and which has a capability of contraction and extension. There are two valves present at the junction where the mouth and esophagus meets. These valves will open only at the instant of swallowing of food materials or at the instance of vomiting.  Esophagus has the ability to push the food material that enters into the mouth to the small intestines. Even if we take from the head upside down, it has the ability to push the food from the mouth to the esophagus. The fraction of time to do this action is just 6 to 7 seconds. This time is common for any kind of food materials that may be liquid or solid food.

There are three kinds of diseases that will occur in the esophagus. The first one is inflammation happened due to the acid regurgitation from the intestines to the esophagus. The second one is called achalasia, which is a change in the esophagus’s extension and contractions due to a disease condition. The third abnormal condition occurs when there is any cancer or any abnormal masses present in the esophagus. The acidity is the common condition occurs in all people.

The reason for the above abnormal conditions in the esophagus like acidity, achalasia or any cancer is due to the change in food habits. We should avoid oil foods or junk foods and should encourage us to have natural foods like fresh vegetables and fruits to avoid any abnormal conditions. Due to the over consumption of oil foods is the primary reason for secretion of more acid in the intestines and then that acid regurgitates into the esophagus. We should avoid all kinds of fast foods, as these things contain more fat. All should try to do any kind of exercises, particularly the persons follow sedentary lifestyle. More fat accumulation not only disfigures the appearance and also affects the normal function of heart. Consumption more tea or coffee also affects the general wellbeing of the intestines.

In the next post, we will see the symptoms of esophagus abnormalities and its treatments. Okay. Come on.

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