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Monday, January 25, 2010


1. Angio Angiography

2. AP Anteroposterior

3. Ba Barium

4. CAT Computerized axial tomography

5. cGy Centigray

6. C-Spine Cervical spine films

7. CT Computed tomography

8. CXR Chest x-ray

9. Decub Decubitus (lying down)

10. DI Diagnostic imaging

11. DSA Digital subtraction angiography

12. Fx Fracture

13. 67Ga Radioactive gallium (used in whole-body and
brain scans)

14. Gy Gray (unit of radiation and equal to 100 rads)

15. 131I Radioactive iodine (used in thyroiduptake, liver and
kidney scans and treatment of malignant and nonmalignant
conditions of the thyroid)

16. IVP Intravenous pyelogram

17. KUB Kidneys, ureters, bladder
(x-ray wihtout contrast medium)

18. LAT Lateral

19. LS Films Lumbosacral spine films

20. mCi Millicurie (measure of radiation)

21. Ci Microcurie (measure of radiation)

22. MRI Magnetic resonance imaging

23. MUGA Multiple-gated acquisition scan
(radioactive test to show heart function)

24. PA Posteroanterior

25. PET Positron emission tomography

26. rad Radiation absorbed dose

27. SPECT Single-photon emission computed tomography;
radioactive substances and a computer are used
to create three-dimensional images

28. 99mTc Radioactive technitium (used in brain, skull, thyroid, liver,
spleen, bone,and lung scans)

29. UGI Upper gastrointestinal series

30. US,U/S Ultrasound

31. VQ Ventilation perfusion scan of the lungs

32. XRT Radiation therapy

This lesson concludes Radiology. From the next lesson we will learn about Pharmacology. Okay.

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