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Monday, July 8, 2013

Parts of Speech - Noun

What a Noun means?

A noun is a word used to denote a person, place, or thing. We will see some examples now.

Robert, Hussain, Woman, Sister, Tailor-see these words denote a PERSON.

Singapore, New York, Boulevard, Garden, City-these words denote a PLACE

Television, Car, Computer, Bed, Pen-these words denote a THING

The Nouns are of four types:

1. Proper Noun

2. Common Noun

3. Collective Noun

4. Abstract Noun

Now I will describe each Noun with examples now.

1. Proper Noun: This noun denotes the name of a specific person or a specific place or a specific country.


David-a particular person

New York-a particular place

Mexico-a particular county

2. Common Noun: This noun denotes the name given to a specific thing or a specific person or a specific place.


Tree, Chair, Speaker, Rice-specific name given to a THING

Sister, Mother, Father, Girl-specific name given to a PERSON

Boulevard, Garden, City, Town-specific name given to a PLACE

Collective Noun: This noun denotes the name of a specific group of people or animals as a whole.


Team, Herd, People, Cattle, Crowd-a collective name to a specific group of people or animals.

Abstract Noun: This noun denotes the name of a quality of state that we cannot feel obviously or touch overtly, but we can recognize it.


Love, Sadness, Truth, God, Courage, Fear-a specific quality of state.

Understand, now in the next lesson we will see about the next part of speech PRONOUN…Okay

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Parts of Speech

Understanding and applying English grammar is an essential part in learning medical transcription. From today, you will get new lessons on English grammar on a daily basis. So read the lessons carefully and understand them. This will be very much helpful to be a medical transcriptionist in the future. Lessons will be updated on a sequential basis. The first lesson introduces about Parts of Speech.

Every word in English belongs to a family. The name of that family is called “parts of speech”. There are 10 such families or groups or categories, and every word in English will fall under any of such of these 10 categories. We will see each family one by one now. What are the parts of speech?

1. Noun.
2. Pronoun
3. Article
4. Auxiliary
5. Verb
6. Adjective
7. Adverb
8. Preposition
9. Conjunction
10. Interjection

Every word in English language has one job in a sentence. We should understand this first clearly.  We cannot put any word anywhere as we like in a sentence, and each word must be placed in a particular compartment in a specified order. Then only that sentence can express some meaning to us. In the following lesson, we will learn about each part of speech one by one.


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