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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Now in this lesson we are going to learn about Cranial Bones.

Cranial bones are the bones of the cranium. The other name of cranium is skull. These bones cover and safeguard the brain and the other structures related to the brain that are sense organs such as ears, eyes, nose, mouth and skin of the skull and face.

Cranial bones are connected with the muscles responsible for the movements of the head and chewing functions of the mouth. The cranial bones are attached to each other with a joint called sutures. When a baby borns the cranial bones are not connected completely but with gaps.

At birth, these gaps are filled with unossified tissues in the cranium. These gaps are called as soft spots and they are also known as fontanelles. These fontanelles resemble small fountains. Whenever we touch these areas, we can feel the blood vessels inside them and their pulsations.

Cranial bones are of six in types. They are as follows:
1. Frontal bone
2. Sphenoid bone
3. Occipital bone
4. Temporal bone
5. Parietal bone
6. Ethmoid bone

Now we will see about each bone one by one.

In the next post we will learn about each of these cranial bones one by one in detail.  Okay.

Come on...

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