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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Superlative Degree and Infinitive

Therefore we came to the conclusion that we use the superlatives in answers to any kind of general or specific questions. Let us know the way how to identify a particular person or thing out of so many which are in the top position? In some cases we use the expression "one of the" before the superlative and we also use the noun in plural after the superlative adjective, i.e., "students", "posts". Some of the examples are:
1. Hazel is one of the best students in our school.
2. Isn't Tennyson one of the greatest poets that ever lived?
3. M.F.Hussain was not the greatest of all painters but one was one of the greatest painter.
4. Russia is one of the most technological country in the world.
5. One of the best singers of the team arrives today.
6. None of the most perfect disciples was ready to preach to the people in this city.
6. Isn't lemon one of the best fruits we saw in our country?
7. This is one of the most expensive car in the market.
8. Wasn't Ranasingh one of the most successful bowlers in the last foreign tour?

Then upto this portion, we studied about degrees of comparision. Now let us study about infinitives. Then what is an infinitive? 

An infinitive is a simple sentence which can have more than one verb but that verb must be in a a modified form. If we use the preposition "to" before any present form of verb, the combination is known as infinitive. 

Infinitive Verb: An infinitive verb must always come after the first verb. In other words, an infinitive will always be the second verb in a sentence.

Some sentences may have two infinitive verbs as shown in the following example:
1."Uncle Jim lives in my house to help, to guide my school going kid".

Two infinitive verbs may be joined by the conjunction, 'and' like this:  "The king led his troops to conquer and to annex the nearby country".

In the next post we learn some more about infinitives.  Learn Free Medical Transcription Course Blog.

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