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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Medical Terminology Words and Meaning - Lesson 331

We try to learn medical terminology. what is a medical terminology? a medical terminology is a medical word, that's all. what is the difference between an ordinary word and a medical word. Every medical term has three different components, such as, prefix, combining vowel, and a suffix. Each medical term word is an unique one with its special meaning.

Take some examples, cardiologist, dental, myalgia.

The above examples are medical terms. The first one cardiologist means specialist in heart ailments. How can we come to this meaning? only by dividing them in mind. How can we divide  cardiologist? We can divide this word like this cardi/o/logist. The first part prefix is cardi/ means heart. /o/ is the combining vowel, and -/logist means specialist.

Take the second one dental. How can we divide them? dent/al

dent/ means teeth and -/al means pertaining to. So, dental means pertaining to teeth. 

Take the last medical terminology myalgia. what does it mean? my/- means muscle -/algia means pain. It means muscle pain.

All medical terms have combining vowel /o/ to connect one or more roots to the suffix.

Now we have to understand what is a root? it means the basement of a medical word, as it forms the foundation of a medical word. It is noted that each root should be ended with a combining vowel /o/. Any medical word can be with one or more than one roots. See this example.

A word with single root and combining vowel.

Cardiology = cardi/o/logy

A word with two roots and combining vowels.

gastroenterology = gastr/o/enter/o/logy

gastr/ - gastr/ means stomach and enter/ means intestine and /logy means study of

All roots are connected with 2 combining vowels.


In the next lesson, we will see about more medical terms and how to split them. Okay. Come on.

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