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Monday, June 25, 2012

Goitre - Causes of Thyroid Problems - Lesson 320

What causes thyroid problems? There are many abnormal conditions that causes thyroid problems. One of the abnormal condition of thyroid is goiter. What is goiter? Goiter is an abnormal state of enlargement of the thyroid gland. This is not a symptom for any one disease. Goiter may be a reflection of more than one disease conditions. There are two kinds of goiters, such as endemic goiter and nodular or adenomatous goiter. Now we will see about each goiter types one by one.

Endemic Goiter: Endemic means inside. We will see what causes this thyroid problem now. This is meant as goiter inside. Endemic goiter occurs in a patient because of a deficiency condition of iodine in the food of the patient. When this forms, a celluloid material, which seems like a gel is collected in the thyroid gland. This collection of celluloid liquids makes the gland big in size. This is an expression of struggle of the body to compensate the less iodine in the body. Endemic goiter can be cured by the intake of more iodine food or through supply of iodine material inside the body. The figure below is an example of endemic goiter.

Nodular Goiter or Adenomatous Goiter: The second type of goiter is nodular goiter. The another name of nodular goiter is adenomatous goiter. In this type of goiter, the thyroid gland gets enlarged, as well as addition of some nodules and adenomas inside the goiter. The another terminology for enlargement is hyperplasia. Hyperplasia means abnormal growth.

Symptoms of Goiter:  The common symptoms of goiter may be nervousness, excessive sweating, high pulse rate or tremor etc.

Treatment: Common treatment for goiter is to suppression of thyroid-stimulating hormone or TSH. The patient will be injected with thyroid hormone.

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