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Friday, January 15, 2010


1. Radiopharmaceutical- A radioactive medicine, which consists of a radionuclide and a chemical substance in combination, which is administered in one piece for diagnostic and curative rationales.
2. Roentgenology- Study of x-rays i.e. radiology.
3. Scan- An all purpose word for pictures of organs, fractions, or oblique or crossway sections of the body part created in a mixture of tactics. A good number are often used to portray pictures taken from ultrascan, CT scan, and other tracer methods.
4. Scintillation scanner- Scintill/o-means glow or glint. An equipment used to become aware of radioactive drug substances stayed inside the body. This method is used to take investigative pictures.
5. SPECT or single-photon emission computed tomography- A radioactive outliner material is brought inside the body using an injection via intravenous route. The pictures are then taken and seen in a computer monitor and three-dimensional views are taken.
6. Tagging- The course of action is the body is followed after putting together a radioactive substance inside the body.
7. Tomography- Investigative radiographic method by which a sequential order of images are taken in different profundities of an organ of the body.
8. Tracer studies- Radioactive materials are used as tagging materials to put together chemical substances and went after at the same time as they travel through the body organs.
9. Ultrasound- A investigative method that endeavors and gets back high-frequency sound waves, at the same time as they rebound off from parts of the body they travel.
10. Uptake- The speed or velocity of assimilation of a radioactive material into and tissue or an organ of the body.
11. VP scan or ventilation/perfusion scan- First a radioactive drug is drawn inside and brought in through an injection. The travel of the radionuclide through the respiratory tract is followed and pictures taken.
This post concludes radiotherapy important medical terms. In the next lesson we will learn about important combining forms of radiology. Okay.
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