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Saturday, October 16, 2010


In this post we will learn about various bone disease conditions one by one. Okay.  
Osteomalacia:  This is an abnormal condition of bones, in which the bones get soften by means of scarce quantity of calcium and other minerals in the bones.  This condition is primarily happens because of  rickets, a disease condition in childhood.  In this condition, bones not succeed to get sufficient quantities of important minerals like phosphorous and calcium.  As there is lack of essential minerals, bones turn out to be crook easily and become spongy, and so bend.

Exostosis:  It means a condition of bone in which a growth starts to occur on the outside of the bones.  Ex- means out, -ostosis means an abnormal condition of bone.  For example, a bunion is a puffiness or a bump on the big toe especially in the metatarsophalangeal joint in close proximity to the base.  This bunion develops by way of growth of soft tissue and main bone.

Osteogenic sarcoma:  This is an abnormal condition of a bone in which a malignant growth takes place from it.  This is one of the widespread occurrence.  In this condition, the cancerous bone cells called osteoblasts increase lacking having control over and outline huge tumors.

Ewing’s sarcoma:  This type of sarcoma is one type of malignant tumor.  Pain and swelling on the region of Ewing’s sarcoma is a general condition that involved in a bone, especially in the shaft region of the bone, mostly the whole shaft in the medullary cavity.  The people of the age group of 4 to 16 most commonly affect with this type of malignant tumor.  The best treatment for this malignant tumor called Ewing’s sarcoma are chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  But the possibility of cure of the malignant tumor would happen only if the treatment started before the spread of the disease started.

In the next post, we will learn about more bone disease conditions.  Okay.

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