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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to use MIGHT in the Future in the Past Tense...?

Structure of a sentence: Future in the past tense

In the total 14 tenses we covered only two time periods they are 1. Present Perfect tense and  2. Present Perfect Continuous tense. Now in this post we will learn about simple future tense which is used in the past. In this type of sentences for an action we have in mind; action has not started; action will take place only at a future time. So when we frame a sentence like “I will launch a program tomorrow”, in which we look into the future from the present time.

In other case, we imagine that we live in the past time period and see towards the future, from that past time point, so that action is in our mind only. We call such a tense as Future in the past tense.

Some of the examples which show the time period in which the auxiliary for this tense is “might have” and the verb in the PP form.
1. This problem might have solved if you had written in step by step method. (future in the past tense).
2. The boss might have suspended you for such misbehavior. (future in the past tense).
3. She might have attended the function even if she had received your invitation.
4. What might have been the reasons for her suicide? (future in the past tense).
5. I might have been using this pen if it had been with me. (future in the past continuous tense).
6. Who might have been misleading my children? (future in the past continuous tense).
7. We might not have studied this case even if the Collector had asked us.
8. All of us might have taken part in the festival if the villagers had been taken interest to us.

In the next post we would learn about “COULD”.

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