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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Skin And Its Combining Forms II -- Lesson 250

The meaning of myc/o combining form is fungus (fungi include yeasts, molds and mushrooms) and its terminology is dermatomycosis which means an abnormal condition of infection. An example is ringworm on the skin especially between the toes athlete's foot. The meaning of onych/o combining form is nail and its 
terminology is onycholysis which means separation of the nail plate from the nail bed in fungal infections or after trauma. The another terminology is onychomycosis which means fungal infection of the nail . The nails become white,aopaque, thickened, and brittle. The another terminology is paronychia which means inflammation and selling. Par- means near or bedside. Paronychia is inflammation and swelling of the soft tissue around the nail and is associated with torn cuticles of of ingrown nails.

The meaning of phyt/o combining form is plant and its terminology is dermatophytosis which means fungal infections of the hands and feet. The meaning of pil/o combining form is hair and its terminology is pilosebaceous which means gland secreting oil on the scalp. sebac/o means a gland that secretes sebum. 

The meaning of seb/o combining form is sebum which means oily secretion from sebaceous glands and its terminology seborrhea which means excessive secretion from sebaceous glands. Seborrheic dermatitis is commonly known as dandruff. The meaning of squam/o combining form is scale-like and its terminology is 
squamous epithelium which means flat and scale-like cells. The meaning of steat/o combining form is fat and its terminology is steatoma which is cystic collection of sebum. Sebaceous cyst, this is a cystic collection of sebum or fatty material that forms in a sebaceous gland and can become infected.

The meaning of trich/o combining form is hair and its terminology is trichomycosis which means fungal disease of brain. The meaning of ungu/o is nail and its terminology is subungual which means under the nail. The meaning of xanth/o combining form is yellow and its terminology is xanthoma which means nodules under the skin by lipid deposits. Nodules develop under the skin owing to excess lipid deposits. Usually associated with a high cholesterol level. Plaques that appear on the eyelids of elderly people are called xanthelasmas in which -elasma means a flat plate. The meaning of xer/o is dry and its terminology is xeroderma and its meaning is mild form of ichmyosis (-derma means skin). 

In the next post we will learn about lesions, symptoms, abnormal conditions and skin neoplasms. 

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