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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Eyes And Ears Terminologies III - Lesson 270

In this post we would learn some more medical terminologies for eyes and ears. The other terminology is ambly/o which means dull or dim. Amblyopia in which -opia means vision. Amblyopia is a partial loss of sight and is also known as lazy eye. This is because it is associated with failure of the eyes to work together to focus on the same point. The next terminology is dipl/o which means double. The other terminology is glauc/o which means gray.The term glaucoma comes from the dull gray-green gleam of the affected eye in advanced cases. Here -oma means mass or collection of fluid or aqueous humor. 

The other terminology is mi/o which means smaller or less. Miosis is the contraction of the pupil. A miotic is a drug such as pilocarpine that causes the pupil to contract. The next terminology is mydr/o which means widen or enlarge. Mydriasis is the enlargement of pupils. Atropine and cocaine cause dilation or enlargement of pupils. The next terminology is nyct/o which means night. Nyctalopia is the term in which -opia means vision, al comes from ala meaning blindness. Night blindness is poor vision at night but good vision on bright days. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to nyctalopia. 

The other terminology of phot/o means light. Photophobia is the term which is the sensitivity to light. The next terminology is  presby/o which means old age. The term presbyopia is the loss of sight due to old age. The other terminology is  scot/o which means darkness. Sotoma is an area of depressed vision surrounded by an area of normal vision, a blind spot. This can result from damage to the retina or the optic nerve. The next terminology of xer/o means dry. The meaning of -opia is vision. Hypermetropia means farsightedness. 

The meaning of -opsia is vision. Hemianopsia means absence of vision in half of the visual field or the space of vision of each eye. Stroke victims frequently have damage to the brain on one side of the visual cortex and experience hemianopsia is the visual loss is in the right or left visual field of both eyes. The meaning of -tropia is to turn. The terminology of esotropia means an outward turning of an eye. These are examples of strabismus which is called defect in eye muscles so that both eyes cannot be focused on the same point at the same time.

In the next lesson we would learn about the errors of refraction.

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