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Friday, December 23, 2016

20 Important Endocrinology Related Medical Terms

This post gives a list of important Endocrinology related medical words.

1.  Chelating agents - Multidentate ligand

2.  Thrombolytic - related to treat dissolving dangerous clots in blood vessels

3.  Streptokinase - used to dissolve blood clots formed in the blood vessels

4.  Urokinase - plasminogen activator

5.  Sodium oxalate - a sodium salt

6.  Sodium citrate - a sodium salt

7.  Ammonium citrate - citric acid salt

8.  Hemarthrosis - bleeding into joint spaces

9.  Ecchymosis - discoloration of the skin from bruising

10.  Contraindication - a treatment or drug should not be used for patient for a particular reason

11.  Hemorrhoid - discomfort because of swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus

12.  Thyroid gland - Large ductless gland in the neck

13.  Endocrine - related to eight ductless glands in the body

14.  Histology - study of tissues

15.  Secretion - production of any discharge from a gland, cell, or an organ

16.  Lobes - anatomical divisions of any organ i.e. thyroid lobes

17.  Isthmus - piece of tissue that connects two large parts

18.  Colloid - non-crystalline substance made up of large molecules

19.  Cuboidal epithelium - cube-like epithelial cells

20.  Calcitonin - thyrocalcitonin hormone

We will see another important endocrinological medical terms in the next post.