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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Articles in Grammar

ARTICLE is a single word such as A, AN, THE are used in a sentence to indicate the quantity of the nouns, especially common nouns. In more, an article explains about the numerals of the general nouns.

For example, when we use a general or common noun such as chair, computer, table, girl, woman etc., in a sentence, we should put ‘a’ before that common noun. A singular common noun should be signified using ‘a’ before it.

In a sentence common noun is signified by A, AN, THE, SOME, FEW, ANY, and NONE. These three are the articles used in English language.

In the above three A, AN, THE, A and AN are indefinite articles i.e. as an indefinite article A and AN are used to represent all common nouns in vague manner. THE is a definite represent a common noun specifically.


Represents a singular noun. “A” is an articles word used to signify singular common nouns in a sentence.


1. There is A chair.
2. A car has been standing near my house since last month.
3. I should buy A new computer this month.


Represents a singular noun. “AN” is an article used to signify a singular noun as like “a” in a sentence, but only before the common nouns starting with the vowels such as A, E, I, O, U only. The common nouns starting with A, E, I, O, U in a sentence must be implied using “AN”.

For example, take some words starting with the letters of vowels A, E, I, O, U: Airplane, Elephant, Indian, Owl, Umbrella.

1. I saw AN airplane above the sky five minutes back.
2. AN elephant was grown up by my father.
3. I am AN Indian.
4. There is AN owl in the olive tree.
5. We all need AN umbrella in the rainy days.


1. In a sentence after using “A” or “AN”, the same singular noun specified again in the sentence must be given “THE” before it. . Represents plural nouns i.e. they signify more than ten in number in a sentence.
For example see the paragraph,
I went to buy a computer in a shop. I selected one computer and bought THE computer in THE shop where I did see.

2. Anything that is specific or only one in number such as any city name, country name, mountain or any other geographical landmark, village name, institution or organization name must be denoted with “THE” before it.
1. The Tajmahal.
2. The Alps Mountain.
3. The United Nations Organization.

USE OF “SOME”, “FEW”, and “ANY”:

These articles are used to signify the number of common nouns more than one but below 10.
1. Rain comes in summer at FEW places.
2. You can answer ANY of these questions.
3. SOME of the sentences are interrogative.

This is an article used to signify zero number of common nouns in a sentence.
1. NONE of the birds are animals.
2. NONE of the answer is correct in your answer paper.

This lesson concludes the articles. In the next lesson we will study about one of the parts of speech INTERJECTION. Okay.


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