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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


In this lesson we would learn about vitamins and their food source and the remaining combining forms:
1. Vitamin A is named as Retinol, dehydroretinol which is present in green leafy and yellow vegetables; liver, eggs, cod liver oil.
2. Vitamin B1 is named as Thiamine which is present in yeast, ham, liver, peanuts and milk.
3. Vitamin B2 is named as Riboflavin which is present in milk, liver, green vegetables.
4. Niacin is named as Nicotinic acid which is present yeast, liver, peanuts, fish, poultry.
5. Vitamin B6 is named as Pyridoxine which is present in liver, fish, yeast.
6. Vitamin B12 is named as Cyanocobalamin which is present in milk, eggs, liver.
7. Vitamin C is named as Ascorbic acid which is present citrus fruits, vegetables.
8. Vitamin D is named as Calciferol which is present cod liver oil, milk, egg yolk.
9. Vitamin E is named as alpha-tocopherol which is present in wheat gram oil, cereals, egg yolk.
10. Vitamin K is named as Phytonadione; menaquinone, menadione which is present in Alfalfa, spinach, cabbage.

In the next lesson we will learn about Pharmacological medical terminologies. Okay.

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