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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Let us learn some of the Combining forms, Suffixes, and Prefixes and their Terminology.
1. anxi/o means uneasy or anxious, or distressed - anxiolytic means pertaining to leave anxiety. This type of drug relieves anxiety.
2. aut/o means self or own - autism means regressives into one self.
3. hallucin/o means hallucination or to wander in - hallucinogen is a substance producing hallucination which means sensory perception in the absence of any external stimuli, and an illusion is an error in perception in which sensory stimuli are present but incorrectly interpreted.
4. hypn/o means sleep - hypnosis means to sleep by touching them with his magic wand or by fanning them with his dark wings.

Next lesson continues the psychiatric termi
5. iatr/o means treatment - psychiatrist is a person who treats mind.
6. ment/o means mind - mental which pertains to mind.
7. neur/o means nerve - neurosis which is a term used to describe mental disorders in which symptoms are distressing but readily testing is intact.
8. phil/o means attraction to or love - paraphilia which means abnormal attraction.
9. phren/o means mind - schizophrenia which means splitting of mind withdrawing from reality.
10. psych/o means mind - psychosis means significant impairment of reality testing with symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and bizarre behavior.
11. schiz/o means split - schizoid which is used to describe a mild form of schizophrenia or a withdrawn, introverted personality.
12. somat/o means body - psychosomatic which is a somatoform disorder means resembling. Symptoms of these disorders resemble those of actual physical disease, but the origins are in the mind.

Next lesson continues psychiatric terminology

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