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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Skin Neoplasms Benign Neoplasms -- Lesson 255

In this post we would learn some of the Skin neoplasms Benign neoplasms
1. Callus: - Increased growth of cells in the layer of horny of the epidermis dueto pressure or friction. The common sites are the feet and the hands. The type of callus that develops a hard core which  is a whitish, corn-like central kernel is called a corn.

2. Keloid: - Hypertrophied, thickened scar after trauma or surgical incision. These occur from excessive collagen formation in the corium during connective tissue repair. Here kelis means a blemish which comes from the Greek word.

3. Keratosis: - Area of the epidermis which is thickened. Due to excessive exposure to light or actinic keratosis, some keratosis appear red. Seborrhcic keratoses look yellow or brown and are also called senile warts. These both types occur in middle age and old age.

4. Leukoplakia: - On mucous membrane tissue of the tongue or cheek, there appears white, thickened patches. This is a precancerous lesion. This may be caused by chronic inflammation which is common in smokers.

5. Nevus: - The plural of nevus is nevi. It is the pigmented lesion of the skin. These nevi includes dialated vessels of blood called telangiectasis which radiating out from a point known as vascular spiders, hemangiomas, and moles. Many are present at birth, but some are acquired. Dysplastic nevi are moles that do not form properly and may progress to form a type of skin cancer called melanoma.

6. Wart (verruca): - The epidermal growth caused by a virus. Plantarwarts or verrucae occur on the soles of the feet, juvenile warts occur on the hands and face of children, and venereal warts occur on the genitals and around the anus. Warts may be removed by use of acids, electrocautery, or freezing with liquid nitrogen or cryosurgery. If the virus remains in the skin, the wart can regrow.

In the next post we would learn about Cancerous Lesions.

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