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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Physiology of Cells - Lesson 319

This is about physiology of cells, all should know about this topic very clearly of what are the nuts and bolts of a cell. The topics covered here are cytoplasm, golgi bodies, diffusion, filtration process of cells, phagocytosis, cytopenesis, and cilia. All medical transcription learners should know about physiology of a cell. We will see about one by one now.

1. Cytoplasm: The portion of the protoplasm outside the nucleus of cells is called as cytoplasm.

2. Golgi Bodies: These are complex packages secretions for export from the cell and golgi bodies producer lysosomes.

3. Diffusion Process: This is the process of movement of ions from regions of higher to lower concentration.

4. Filtration: This is the process by which a substance is forced through a membrane by hydrostatic pressure.

5. Phagocytosis: The process of white cells in getting other substances is phagocytosis.

6. Cytopenesis: The duplication of chromosomes prior to cell division of cytoplasm to form two cells is termed as cytopenesis.

7. Tissues: Each tissue is combination of cells.

8. Epithelial Cells: They are classified according to their shape, such as, squamous, columnar and cuboidal.

9. Gland: Any structure that is differentiated to produce a secretion is called as a gland.

10. Muscle Tissue: It consists of bundles or sheets of long, narrow cells arranged in parallel and having the capacity to shorter under appropriate stimulation is neuron.

11. Cardiac Muscle: The muscle found only in the heart wall is called as cardiac muscle.

12. Nervous Tissue: They are specialized to transmit neural impulses.

13. Cilia: They are tiny hair like organelles projecting from the surfaces of many types of cells that help move materials outside a cell.

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