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Monday, March 21, 2016

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10?

This video explains how to fix screen resolution lock screen after installing windows 10 in PC. We will see this in step-by-step.

1. The default screen resolution cannot be changed without updating the driver.  Once you install Windows 10 with low resolution desktop screen.

2. To change this, we cannot do this directly by changing the screen resolution like windows 7 or other version of windows OS.  Then how to do this?

3.  To do this first go SETTINGS by clicking the left hand corner WINDOWS symbol like this.  Then, click SYSTEM > then select as in the image in the next screen.

4.  After reaching DISPLAY screen, you can “1” symbol on the right hand top and the default resolution settings like this with 1024 x 768 default resolution below the “1”.  There you cannot change the screen resolution to higher one as in other versions, as the SCREEN RESOLUTION is locked by default.

5.  To change this default screen resolution to the higher one we want, please do the steps below.  Below the “1” symbol and default 1024 x 768 default resolution selected you can see “Advanced Adopter Properties” link. Click it to reach the below screen.
Then, click “Properties” button to reach the next as mentioned below.  Then you will go to this. There you will the “The driver is working properly” in the box, and above click “DRIVERS” button above it.
Then, click "Drivers" button above it and then “UPDATE DRIVER BUTTON”.
This will lead to the below screen. Then, select the 1st option of “SEARCH AUTOMATICALLY FOR UPDATED SOFTWARE.”  Don’t forget to connect ONLINE while doing this step.

Then, wait for a few minutes while the new driver is updated automatically online.

This will lead to “Downloading Driver Software” screen. Wait again for a few
Then, the screen will update automatically to a HIGHER SCREEN resolution automatically.

Hurray….now just RESTART THE COMPUTER.

Now, you can check the HIGHER screen resolution selections by checking going SETTINGS > SYSTEM > DISPLAY > now see below “1” symbol, it will show higher resolution options. THAT’S ALL.

Thanks for watching.

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