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Monday, May 3, 2010


Psychiatry medical terminologies:
1. -genic means produced by - psychogenic which means produced by mind.
2. -leptic means to seize hold of - neuroleptic drugs which means drugs hold the nerves.
3. -mania means obsessive preoccupation - kleptomania means obsessed for stealing.
4. -mania means obsessive preoccupation - pyromania means obsession for fire or heat.
5. -phobia means fear - agoraphobia means fear being left alone and feel anxious when away from familiar surroundings.
6. -phobia means fear - xenophobia fear of strangers.
7. -phoria means feeling or bearing - euphoria means good feelings.
8. -phoria means feeling or bearing - dysphoria means bad feeling.
9. -thymia means mind - cyclothymia means recurring alternate periods of hypomania and depression.
10. -thymia means mind - dysthymia means bad or difficult chronic disorder of mind.

In the next post we will try to learn about some of the prefixes and phobias.


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