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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Diseases of the Ear - Lesson 286

In this post, we will deal with diseases of the ear, acoustic neuroma and cholesteatoma. We will also learn some important suffixes of ear. Due to the diseases in the ear, one person may get some hearing loss or pain and so the quality of the life is affected in all. In the more complicated conditions, deafness or brain tumor or paralysis may happen. To avoid such serious conditions, proper diagnosis and treatment at the right time is important. In hearing process, all the outer, middle, and inner ears take part. Sound waves from environment enter through the outer ear and travels through the middle ear through three small bones, named ossicles and then the sound wave travels inside the inner ear to vibrate the eardrum.

Acoustic Neuroma: This is an abnormal condition in the ear of formation of a tumor on the eight cranial nerve in the brain that arises from acoustic nerve. The main symptom of acoustic neuroma is ringing in the ears, dizziness or vertigo and reduced hearing. These tumors if they are in small sizes can be removed using surgical methods named ablation method using radiosurgery. In radiosurgery method, radiation is used to remove the tumor other than any surgical incision equipment. This is one of the bad diseases of the ear.

Cholesteatoma: This is an abnormal condition in the ear of formation of extended growth of keratinizing squamous epithelium. This happens in the middle ear or in the mastoid process. Skin cells are collected in a pouch in the middle ear. The main reason for cholesteatoma formation is chronic otitis media and tympanic membrane perforation.

Now we will see some important ear suffixes.
-cusis means hearing. Presbycusis is a kind of deafness happens by a nerve due to the aging process.
-otia means any abnormal condition in the ear. Microtia is a birth defect in children with underdeveloped flap of the ear called pinna.

We will see more diseases of the ear in the next post. Okay. Come on.

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