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Monday, October 3, 2011

Eyes and Ears Medical Terminologies II - Lesson 269

Like in the previous post, we will learn some more important medical terminologies which are related to eyes and ears. The next terminology is opthalm/o, which means eye. Opthalmologist is an eye specialist is a medical doctor who specializes in treating disorder of the eye. The other terminology is opt/o or optic/o which means eye or vision. Optic is pertaining to eye and optometrist is the lens prescriber and examiner. A nonmedical person who can examine eyes to determine vision problems and prescribe lenses.

The other terminology is palpebr/o which means eyelid. Palpebral is pertaining to eyelid. The next terminology is papill/o which means optic disk or nipple-like. Papilledema is the swelling of optic disk, –edema means swelling. This condition is associated with increased intracranial pressure and hyperemia also called increased blood flow in the region of optic disk. The other terminology is phac/o which means lens of the eye. Phacoemulsification is the technique of cataract extension using ultrasonic vibrations to fragment or emulsify the lens and aspirate it out of the eye. Aphakia may be congenital, but most often it is the result of extraction of a cataract also called clouded lens.

The next terminology is pupil/o which means pupil. Pupillary is pertaining to pupil. The other terminology of retin/o is retina. Retinitis means inflammation of retina. Diabetic retinopathy means endocrinal disorder. The other terminology of sclera/o means sclera also called white of the eye. Corneoscleral is pertaining to sclera. Scleritis is the inflammation of sclera. The other terminology of uve/o is uvea which means vascular layer of the eye. Uveitis is the inflammation of vascular layer of the eye. The next terminology of vitre/o is glassy. Vitreous humor is the glassy liquid.

In the next post we would some more terminologies.

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