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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Skin And Its Combining Forms -- Lesson 249

In this post we would go through some more vocabulary of combinging terms
The meaning of caus/o combining form is burn or burning and its terminology is causalgia which means intensely unpleasant burning sensation in skin and muscles when there is damage to nerves. The meaning of cutane/o combining form is skin and its terminology is subcutaneous which means under the skin. The meaning of derm/o combining form is skin and its terminology is 1. epidermis means above the skin, 2. dermatitis means inflammation of the skin, 3. dermatoplasty means growth of skin, 4. dermatologist means specialist of skin, 5. epidermolysis which means loosening of the epidermis with the growth of large blists which occurs after injury. The meaning of diaphor/o combining form is profuse sweating and its terminology is diaphoresis means profuse sweating. The meaning of erythem/o combining form is redness and its terminology is erythema means redness of the skin. The terminology of erythemat/o is flushing which means widespread redness of the skin.

The meaning of hidr/o combining form is sweat and its terminology is anhidrosis which means no sweating. The meaning of ichthy/o combining form is scaly, dry and its terminology is ichthyosis which means abnormal condition of scaly, dry skin or a herdeditary condition in which the skin is dry, rough and scaly because of a defect in keratinization. This can also be acquired appearing with malignancies such as lymphomas, and multiple myeloma. The meaning of kerat/o combining form is hard, horny tissue and its terminology is keratosis which means abnormal condition of tissue. The meaning of leuk/o combining form is white and its terminology is leukoplakia which means white plaques of the skin (plakia means plaques). The meaning of lip/o combining form is fat and its terminology is lipoma which means malignant tumour of fat cells.

The meaning of melan/o combining form is black and its terminology is melanocyte which means black pigment cell, melanoma which means tumour of melanocytes. This is a malignant skin tumour.

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