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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Parts of Speech - Adjective

In the series of PARTS OF SPEECH now we are going to learn about two of the parts of speech called ADJECTIVE.

What is an ADJECTIVE?

A word that describes about the noun in a sentence is adjective. It takes place generally in the left side of a noun.

A pronoun cannot be used with an adjective.


James is a good singer.

In the above sentence GOOD is an adjective, which describes about the noun James.

See more examples.

That temple is very powerful. THAT is adjective because it describes about a temple. We all know that all temples are powerful, but here THAT describes a particular temple as a powerful one. So THAT a demonstrative pronoun here plays the role of an adjective. We can use demonstrative pronoun as an adjective.

See another example.

All politicians are not honest in our country. (HONEST describes the noun all politicians).

See more examples:

1. John has been a tremendous scientist since 1980. (tremendous describes about John’s (noun) knowledge)
2. Ismail can write a beautiful poems. (beautiful describes about Ismail’s (noun) poetry skill).
3. Can you win this important match? (important describes about the match (noun)).
4. This is his great achievement in cricket. (this describes about the noun one’s achievement).
5. Such a wonderful person Lakshmi is. (Such is the adjective describes the noun Lakshmi).

Note: The demonstrative pronouns such as THIS, THESE, THAT, THOSE, and SUCH can also be used as adjectives as well as pronouns.

We can use adjective in three degrees. They are POSITIVE, COMPARATIVE, and SUPERLATIVE.
In the next lesson we will see more about adjectives..ok

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