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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hypothyroidism Causes and Symptoms - Lesson 322

Hypothyroidism - Today we are going to see about one of the topic about endocrine gland abnormal conditions. What is the meaning of hypothyroidism? It means now secretion or production of thyroid hormones inside the thyroid glands. These glands are present inside the neck. Simply hypothyroidism is a state of under activity of the thyroid glands. What are the most common reasons for hypothyroidism? The causes for hypothyroidism is not bounded to a single reason. It may happen due to several conditions, such as, surgical removal of whole or partial removal of thyroid glands by thyroidectomy, another abnormal state of endemic goiter, or due to any destructive conditions of thyroid glands, such as, irradiation etc.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism: All abnormal conditions inside human body is expressed outside by any one or combination of some symptoms. The most common symptoms of hypothyroid state are fatigue, sluggishness of mind and muscles, and/or constipation. We will now see about two advanced stages of hypothyroid state.

Myxedema: This happens mostly in adulthood ages. In this abnormal stage, thyroid gland atrophy (less growth) happens and so there is only less production of thyroid hormone only. The outward symptoms are edematous puffy dry skin. Myx/o means mucus. Myxedema is an abnormal state of accumulation of mucus under the skin. The common treatment for this condition is application of thyroid hormone inside the body.

Cretinism: Another abnormal condition of hypothyroid condition is known as cretinism. This happens mostly in the infancy. This is an extreme hypothyroid condition. The child who is affected by this will stop its growth of skeletal bones and mental growth. These children look obese, short and stocky. The main treatment to cure this condition is to apply thyroid hormone only.

In the next lesson, we will see about another important abnormal states of endocrine glands. Okay. Come on.

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