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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Interjections in English Grammar

Interjection is a mark or icon or symbol used in sentences to illustrate an unexpected reaction such as happiness, shock, or distress.

This sign of interjection can be used with a single word in a sentence or can put after a sentence too to express that illustration of the unexpected reaction.

Whenever a skilled actor acts in an emotional scene, he probably needs to give modulations in his dialogue delivery like raise his voice to express his intense anger lower his voice to express smooth romantic feelings. Simultaneously he will change his body gestures according to the voice raising and lowering. These changes while writing a sentence can be expressed only with the use of INTERJECTION!

Now we will see some examples:-

1. Wow! I won the championship.
2. What a great poet Shakespeare is!
3. Alas! I lost my cycle.
4. Oh! How tall is the building?

This lesson completes PARTS OF SPEECH. From the next lesson we are going to learn about STRUCTURE OF SENTENCES. Okay.

Come on…

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