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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Compound Sentences

In this post we will learn about the types of sentences with some examples.

The compound sentences may be combining form of two sentences with actual meaning. The combing forms may be for, and, or, yet and so on.
If 'and' is used the second sentence must be in the same idea.
If 'or' is used the second sentence contains an equal option.
If 'but' is used the second sentence contains an equal and opposite idea.
If 'so' is used the second sentence has equally important result.
If 'yet' is used the second sentence contains the same sense with opposite idea.

Like this the above combining forms also called coordinators of English language can be used in the sentences. These coordinators are used to connect the sentences which are perfect in meaning.

Then what is a complex sentence?
Complex sentence:- This complex sentence is also has an independent clause which  is joined by one or more dependent clause. Here the subordinators are used for the sentences such as because, although, since, after etc,. In this type of sentences a relative pronoun is also used after the sentence.

Some of the examples of these complex sentences are:-
1. The baby started to cry because she did not find her mother.
2. The students are playing in the class after the teacher went to the office room.
3. Although it was raining we used to play in the ground.

Not only conjunctions although, since etc,. are used but also that, and, but, or, while, when, until, as, before, until, whether, hence, so.

Some more examples of these sentences are:
1. The peon guards the entrance though all the candidates had left.
2. The doctor delays seeing until al the patients are present.
3. The policeman shouted that the victim is breathing.
4. We were thirsty when we started climbing the mountain.

Shall we see some 'past' and 'past participle' forms of the verbs. They are also known as regular verbs.

In the next post we would try to learn the 'past' and 'past participle' forms of verbs.


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