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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why did you choose Medical Transcription as a career?

I had been dreaming for a good job all days along my teenage and had not been satisfied with anything that I had selected at that time.  I did choose MT as a career one good day after seeing an advertisement 10 years back in an English daily and the eligibility condition to that job matches to my educational background at that time (I was discontinued my B.Sc. Zoology at that time and so I had some reliability to choose MT as a career).  I could see the advertisement that it also provides a lucrative income to people with good typing skills and listening skills with a good medical terminological knowledge too. So I had a preference to join as a medical transcriptionist.

Medical transcription nowadays is playing an important role in insurance field to claim our medical claims from the government, especially in the United States. So physicians must dictate every patient's report in a dictaphone to record it, and then an MT will type it in a computer to convert that voice dictation into a word document. So there are plenty of job opportunities in this field all over the world both for office jobs and also for home medical transcription jobs.  Basic English knowledge with grammar and good typing skills are essential to learn this course.  Medical terminology and anatomy and physiology basics and American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT) rules and regulations and American English basics are the foundational knowledge for medical transcriptionist.  After a four-month crash course and six months of great training from a reputed company, I’ve got all these skills and with five more years of live-file experience from there, I can perform well as a transcriber nowadays.

Soon after joining a fast course in MT in an institute in our area that I was in a condition to improve my typewriting skills. I could perform well in the theory tests in medical terminology course. I could become a good typist with a speed of more than 45 words per minute once I joined as a trainee in MT in a big company in my area after a few years of my crash course. I passed their hard test in English and listening skill test and signed as a trainee with an agreement of bond for another 900 days. After one more year service there, I planned to quit the company to upgrade my career prospective and relieved from there in 2011 February and doing some home transcription jobs from home itself. Joining a big company has been my ultimate dream for all these training and MT life, and so I preferred to join Focus MT after some of my colleagues’ advice.

Nowadays for my day to day life, I am earning some income from Google for their advertisements in my website with a healthcare content and also a home-based medical transcriptionist for my friend on an offline basis. But, I would like to work for a big company as a full-time worker.

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