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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Different Types of Drugs

 We can divide the drugs normally used in the medicine field to cure diseases or to control the symptoms of a patient are of approximately 13 in varieties.  They are of Eye drops, nasal sprays, tablets, nasal solutions, capsule, syrup, ointments, vaccines, inhalational drug forms, vaccines, intrauterine contraceptive device, hormonal drug forms, ointments. We will see about one by one now.

Eye and Ear drops: Commonly eye drops are in liquid form to apply through eyes and ears to cure any infection conditions like conjunctivitis, red eyes, itchy eyes etc.  Ear drops are used to cure ear infections like otitis.

Nasal sprays:  These are used to treat conditions like allergic rhinitis and nasal congestion etc.

Tablets:  They are solid unit of dosage forms of a medicine with active substances of materials to cure  any separate or combined medicinal effect in a patient's body.  We can see tablets in round, elliptical, or square forms generally in medicine shops.

Nasal solutions:  These are also used in liquid forms such as saline liquids used to treat sinusitis like conditions.

We will see about more drug forms in the next post.

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