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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cancer treatment alternative methods

There are many kinds of alternative treatment methods to treat cancer all over the world.  The conventional alternative cancer treatment methods are of using therapies like chemotherapy, chemoembolization method, radiation therapy, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.  Even some methods of alternative cancer treatment techniques are costly.  They are useful in lessening the pain and discomfort of the patient.  In many cases, these alternative treatment methods give devastating and overwhelming side effects after it, but they are in no way important in reducing the symptoms of cancer.

Chemotherapy is a conventional method of treating cancer using drugs.  These chemotherapeutic drugs will obliterate and demolish cancer cells by obstructing and slowing down the development and duplication of the cancer cells.  Some chemotherapeutic drugs are Accutane, Mesnex, and PROCRIT.

Chemoembolization is another alternative treatment regimen and that conveys chemotherapeutic drugs in a straight line to a mass or tumor.  The contact or coverage of the treatment regimen drug should be avoided to the other nearby healthy regions of the cancer area.  In this method of treatment, chemotherapeutic drug is directly infused to the cancer area from side to side using a catheter by means of image guidance.  This method of direct application of drugs to the cancer area is used generally to cure colorectal cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

 Radiation therapy is performed after a resistance testing before that, which will help the physician to determine the right mixture of chemotherapy drugs previous to commence handling treatment to the cancer patient. This resistance test would be of helpful in deciding which drugs will work for the patient and also to lessen needless toxicity and side effects.  This test also helps to initiate the best useful chemotherapy routine for the patient’s needs.  To perform this test, a sample of the tumor is removed and tested against a variety of chemotherapy drugs. If the tumor cells grow in the presence of a drug, there is a high likelihood of resistance to that drug. By testing tissues and drugs outside of the body, we can minimize complications and target cancer cells as aggressively as possible from the start.

Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC):  This method of treatment is to treat mainly for ovarian and intestinal cancers.  In this method of alternative treatment of cancer, the physician who is doing the surgery eliminates cancer tissues gradually. The main objective of this type of treatment is to have keep only negligible tumor tissue rest in the patient. Subsequent to this alternative cancer treatment, chemotherapy is administered by way of the stomach for about one and half hours. The main objective of this type of chemotherapy is to administer an intense quantity of chemotherapy in a straight line to the cancer affected area in the stomach.  It is particularly noticeable to avoid the contact of other healthy body tissues.

Immunotherapy:  This type of alternative cancer treatment mainly stimulates, augments,  or restrains a particular immune response in the patient’s body.  These therapies are intended to bring out or increase an immune response.  There are two types of immunotherapies, such as activation immunotherapies and suppression immunotherapies.  The former one activates a particular immune response in the body and the second one reduces or suppresses a particular immune response in the body.  Immnomodulators are the vigorous agents of the immunotherapy. 

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