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Monday, October 31, 2011

Eye Diagnostic Tests - Lesson 275

In the last lesson, we have learnt about eye diseases and in this lessson we are going to learn about diagnostic procedures done to the eyes. As a medical transcription learner, you should all know about these procedures, as physicians will dictate about these procedures in their live files while you work in a company. These diagnostic procedures generally do to a patient while he is examined by a physician while doing an eye exam. In this post, we will learn about fluorescein angiography, ophthalmoscopy, slit lamp ocular examination, tonometry, visual acuity test, and visual field exam. 

Fluorescein Angiography: This procedure is done to identify hypertensive retinopathy or diabetic retinopathy. This test is also used to find any lesions in the macular area of the retina of the eye. In this test, a dye material called fluorescein is injected intravenously. By injecting this eye, blood flow is tracked by an instrument named ophthalmoscopy.

Ophthalmoscopy: This is a visual examination to check the eye, especially the inner side of the eye. In this test, the dilated pupil is examined to find if there are any lesions in the cornea or in the lens or in the retina by this test.

Slit Lamp Ocular Examination: This is an instrument used in the visual examination of the eye, which gives access to examine the anterior part of the ocular structures of the eye. A magnification lens is used in this instrument.

Tonometry: Ton/o means tension. This instrument is used to measure the pressure or tension inside the eye, especially in the ocular organs. This test is used to detect an abnormal condition in the eye called glaucoma.

Visual Field Examination: This visual exam is useful in measuring the sight in specific area when the eye is fixed. The other name of this test is Goldmann perimeter visual field examination.

Visual Acuity Test: This test examines the clarity of the sight. A chart named Snellen eye chart is used in this test. 

In the next post, we will learn about eye treatments. Okay. Come on.

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