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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Audiometry Tests for Hearing Loss - Lesson 292

Audiometry tests are assessment processeses done to assess the hearing ability at different frequency level tolerance. These tests are useful in estimating hearing ability in patients with hearing difficulties. This procedure is also useful in diagnosing any diseases in the ear canal too. Sound threshold levels are calculated at different frequencies. The measurement unit of sound waves is decibels and it is termed in short as dB. Before undergoing an audiometry test, the patient will be asked about his past medical history and these queries will be helpful in detecting any sound exposures that lead the patient to get hearing difficulty. In some cases, the patient's eardrum may be affected and so the passage of sound waves to cochlea may be affected and so hearing loss might have occurred.

Hearing Loss Audiogram:  A special instrument is used to diagnose the hearing ability and the instrument used to do this assessment is called as audiogram. The sound frequency threshold tests are charted on a graph paper using audiogram equipment. The frequency level is calcuated in Hertz and in short, it is termed as Hz. Audiometry is a behavioral hearing test type. Different sounds in different pitches and in different frequencies are used in audiometry tests.

Calibration Audiometer:  For audiometry tests, a calibrated headphone is used. The curves in the graph resemble the state of hearing of the patient. The minimal hearing curve levels in the curves reveal that the patient has good hearing ability. A patient with good hearing level may show sometimes small variations in the graph and that is normal, but big variations in the levels of the graph confirms the hearing ability in the patient's ears. For example, a patient with Meniere's disease may show a large loss in sound frequencies in the graph. Sound-induced hearing loss that is termed medically as sensorineural hearing loss may reveal high frequency loss in the graph.

In the next post, we will learn about Cochlear Implants. Okay.

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