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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


In this post we would learn the remaining terms related to specific bones.

8. fibul/o means fibula or smaller lower leg bone.

9. humer/o means humerus or upper arm bone.

10. ili/o means ilium or upper part of the pelvic bone.

11. isch/o means ischium or posterior part of the pelvic bone.

12. malleol/o means malleolus or the process on each side of the ankle. The medial malleolus is at the bottom of the tibia and the lateral malleolus is at the bottom of the fibula.

13. mandibul/o means mandible or lower jaw bone.

14.  maxilla/o means maxilla or the upper jaw bone.

15. metacarp/o means metacarpals or hand bones.

16. metatars/o means metatarsals or foot bones.

17. olecran/o means olecranon or elbow.

18. patell/a means patella.

19. patell/o means kneecap.

20. pelv/i means pelvis or hip bone.

21. perone/o means fibula.

22. phalang/o means philanges or finger bones.

23. pub/o means pubis or anterior part of the pelvic bone.

24. radi/o means radius or lower armbone-thumb side.

25. scapula/o means radius or lower arm bone-thumb side.

26. stern/o means sternum or breast bone.

27. tars/o means tarsals or ankle bones.

28. tibi/o means tibia or shin bone.

29. uln/o means ulna or lower arm bone-little finger side.

In the next post we will study about the pathological conditions and fractures.


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