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Monday, August 2, 2010

Hand or Arm Bones and Pelvic Bones - LESSON 213

Hand or Arm Bones and Pelvic Bones: Hand bones are of six types.  They are as follows:
1.  Humerus. 2.  Ulna 3.  Radius. 4.  Carpals. 5.  Metacarpals. 6.  Phalanges. Now we will see in detail about these arm bones one by one. 

1.  Humerus:  The another name of this hand bone is upper arm bone.  This region is the large and rounded head part of the upper arm.  Upper arm bone attaches with the collar bone and the shoulder bone.

2.  Ulna:  The other name of the ulna is medial inferior or lower arm bone.  Elbow bone is the he proximal development of the ulna.  This bone is known as olecranon.

3.  Radius:  This bone is the inferior lateral arm bone.

4.  Carpals:  These bones are wrist bones.  Each wrist consists of four carpal bones in two rows.

5.  Metacarpals:  These bones spread out to the each finger from the carpals. Metacarpals are 5 in number in each hand.

6.  Phalanges:  The other name of these bones are called finger bones.  The phalanx is the singular for the phalanges.  Each finger bone consists of three phalanges.  They are proximal phalanx, middle phalanx, and the distal phalanx.  The thumb only has two phalanges other three phalanges.

Pelvic Bones:

The other name of pelvic bone is called hip bone.  This bone is attached with the sacrum of the spinal column and the thigh bone.  Pelvic bones give hold to the chest bone.  Each pelvic bone is a combination of three bones, such as the ilium, the ischium, and the pubis.  We will see about each of these bones one by one.

Ilium:  This is the topmost region of the pelvic bone.  Ilium is the largest bone in the pelvis.  The two divisions of the ilium do not meet dorsally, but these two divisions of the ilium are attached to the sacral bone on each side.  This connection is very strong and looks like one bone. The name of this part is called sacroiliac.  Iliac crest is the greater part of the iliac bone and packed up of red bone marrow.  Abdominal wall muscles are attached to the ilium.

Ischium:  The latter part of the pelvic bone is called ischium.  Isch/o means rear or back.  These bones and the muscles attached to these bone helps us to take the weight off our feet.

Pubis:  This part of the pelvic bones are the frontal or forward portion of the pubis bone.  Pubic bone consists of two parts. The two parts of the pubis called pubes attach together through a cartilaginous disk.  This area of union is called pubic symphysis.  Pelvic girdle is the part of the pelvic bone within the ring of pelvic bone forms the pelvic cavity where the urinary bladder, sigmoid colon, anus, and male and female reproductive organs are present.

In the next post, we will learn about Leg and Foot bones.  Okay.

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