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Friday, June 11, 2010


In this lesson we are going to learn about Human Bone Processes

Human Bone Processes: These are the enlarged parts of the human bones. They extend out from each human bone. Tendons and muscles attach to them in the bones. Now we will see the types of bone process one by one. Each bone consists of the following processes in it. They are as follows:

1. Bone head
2. Condyle
3. Trochanter
4. Tubercle
5. Tuberosity.

1. Bone head:- This is a bony process found on each bone. This bony process is round in shape and it is a separated area from the bone body. Bone head is attached to the bone body by a neck-like groove called bone neck.

2. Condyle:- This bony process is rounded in shape. It looks like knuckle-like structure in the bone joint.

3. Trochanter:- This bony process attach muscles to the femur bone. The Trochanter is large in structure.

4. Tubercle:- This bony process is small and rounded in structure. Tubercle is found in many bones of the human body. Tubercle attaches muscles or tendons to the bone.

5. Tuberosity:- This bony process is large and rounded in structure and is found in many bones of the human body. Tuberosity attaches tendons or muscles to the bones.

In the next lesson we will learn about Bone Depressions.

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