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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Medical Transcription Suffixes and Prefixes - Lesson 315

In this lesson, we will see about important suffixes and prefixes. In the next lesson, we will see about important plural words used in medical transcription. These suffixes and prefixes are very much useful in live files and in practice files. Now we will see one by one.

1. Nephro- means pertaining to kidneys

2. -opsy means to view

3. ichtylo- pertaining to fish

4. -ectomy means excision of part or all of an organ

5. myelo- means pertaining to spinal cord

6. myo- means pertaining to muscle

7. neo- means new

8. infra- means situated below or beneath

9. pseudo- means false

10. dys- means painful or difficult

11. -genesis means condition of producing or forming

12. exo- means outside

13. -odynia means pain

14. -lysis means breakthrough

15. -a means without 

16. -oma means tumor or mass

17. histo- means pertaining to tissue

18. -plasty means denoting plastic surgery

19. -scopy means pertaining to use of an instrument

20. -ptosis means sagging

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