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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ear Medical Combining Forms - Lesson 284

This post explains about medical combining forms about ear. Each medical word in the medical language consists of three elements, such as root, suffix, and prefix. Medical words are rooted from Latin language. We will see some important combining forms related to ears now. A combining form is the beginning of a medical word that is called prefix that is connected to the suffix of the with a connector named root /o/. For example, smyositis, it means pain in the muscles. In this word, my/o is the prefix connected to a suffix, itis, by a connector /o/.

Ear Combining Forms Medical:  Audi/o is a word that means hearing. It also means the sense of sounds. For example audiography. It means recoding and editing of sound tracks.
Mastoid/o means mastoid process. Mastoiditis means inflammation of the mastoid process. This is an extended portion projection beneath the temporal bone.
Acou/o means also hearing. The example word is acoustics. It is the study of mechanical waves in gases.
Aur/o means ear. Aural means pertaining to ears.
Cochle/o means cochlea. Cochlear implant is a device attached to the cochlea for hearing disability.
Audit/o means hearing. Auditory nerve is a word releated to the hearing nerve in the head.
Auricul/o means auricle. Auricle is another word for pinna, the external flap portion of the ear. Auriculectomy is a procedure done to remove the auricle.

In the next lesson, we will see about the rest of the important medical combining forms related to the ears.

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