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Saturday, January 10, 2009


No --- Combining form---Meaning--- Medical term---Meaning

1. abdomin/o means abdomen-abdominal-pertaining to the abdomen

2. adip/o means fat-adipose- full of fat

3. anter/o means front-anterior-pertaining to front

4. bol/o means to cast-anabolism-to cast a process up

5. cervic/o means neck-cervical- body neck, or neck of the uterus

6. chondr/o means cartilage-chondroma-tumor of cartilage

7. chrom/o means color-chromosomes-bodies absorbing color in the body

8. coccyg/o means coccyx coccygeal petaining to tail bone

9. crani/o means skull-craniotomy-process of cutting the skull

10. cyt/o means cell-cytoplasm-formation of a cell

11. dist/o means far, distant-distal-pertaining to so far

12. dors/o means back of body- dorsal- pertaining to backside of the body

13. hist/o means tissue- histology- study of tissues

14. ili/o means ilium- iliac- pertaining to hip bone

15. inguin/o means groin- inguinal- pertaining to groin

16. kary/o means nucleus- karyotype- classification of nucleus

17. later/o means side- lateral- pertaining to side

18. lumb/o means lower- back- lumbosacral- pertaining to lower body

19. medi/o means middle- media-middle

20. nucle/o means nucleus- nucleic- pertaining to nucleus

21. pelv/o means hip, pelvic- pelvic- pertaining to hip (pelvis)

22. poster/o means back, behind- posterior- pertaining to back

23. proxim/o means near- proximal- pertaining to near

24. sacr/o means sacrum- sacral- pertaining to sacrum

25. sarc/o means flesh- sarcoma- tumor of flesh

26. spin/o means spinal- spinal- pertaining to backbone

27. thel/o means nipple- epithelial- cell outer lining

28. thorac/o means chest- thoracic- pertaining to chest

29. trache/o means trachea- tracheal- pertaining to windpipe

30. umbilic/o means umbilicus- umbilical- pertaining to navel

31. ventr/o means belly side- ventral- pertaining to belly side of the body

32. vertebr/o means vertebrae- vertebral- pertaining to back bones

33. viscer/o means internal organ- visceral- pertaining to internal organs


No-- Prefix-- Meaning-- Medical term-- Meaning

1. ana- means up- anabolism- process of casting up

2. cata- means down- catabolism- process of casting down

3. epi- means above- epigastric- pertaining of above the stomach

4. hypo- means below- hypochondriac- pertaining to below the diaphragm

5. inter- means between- intervertebral- pertaining to between the vertebrae

6. meta- means change- metabolism- total chemical process in a cell


No--Prefix-- Meaning
1. -eal means pertaining to
2. -ior means pertaining to
3. -ose means pertaining to
4. -plasm means formation
5. -iac means pertaining to
6. -ism means process
7. -somes means bodies
8. -type means picture or classification

Ok the next lesson we will learn more COMBINING FORMS, SUFFIXES, and PREFIXES.


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