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Sunday, February 20, 2011


In the previous post, you have learned about some of the combining forms of musculoskeletal system, but in this post, we will learn about some important suffixes and prefixes of the musculoskeletal system. Definitely this post will be useful for the learners of the Medical Transcription freely here. The terms that are used in this post are generally used by the doctors in the dictations on a daily basis in the medical field and will be useful for the learners, so that you can easily know or grasp the idea of the forms of medical terms.

Let us come to know about some of the prefixes


1. The prefix form ab- means away from and its terminology is abduction which means movement of an extremity or other body part.

2. The prefix form poly- means many or much and its terminology is polymyalgia which means the pain in many muscles or “poly” means many, “my” means muscle and “algia” means “pain”.

3. The prefix form dorsi- means back and its terminology is dorsiflexion which means the movement which brings the top of the foot towards the lower leg or moving the foot downwards.

4. The prefix form ad- means toward and its terminology is adduction which means movement of a limb towards the midline of the body.

5. The prefix form supra- means above or upper and its terminology is supraliminal which means beyond the threshold of consciousness.

Let us also come to know about some of the suffixes


1. The suffix form -asthenia means lack or loss of strength and its terminology is my asthenia gravis which means the muscles lose strength for the reason of a failure in transmission of the nervous impulse from the nerve to the muscle cell.

2. The suffix form –trophy and its another terminology is amyotrophic which means the muscles which lost their nourishment

3. The suffix form –scopy means visual examination and its terminology is arthroscopy which means visual examination of the joint.

4. The suffix form –trophy and its another terminology is hypertrophy which means increase in size of an organ or tissue.

5. The suffix form  -trophy means development or nourishment and its terminology is atrophy which means decrease in size of an organ or tissue.

6. The suffix form –necrosis means death and its terminology is avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis which means a condition that develops when blood supply lessens.

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