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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Medical Transcription Important Units of Measurement - Lesson 313

Medical Transcription Units of measurement is the topic matter of this post. In the free medical transcription course lessons series, we are going to see this topic today. These units are used in denoting measurements and scales of healthcare related things.Measurements are used in food materials, drugs, equipment usages, and use of x-rays etc. As a free medical transcription course learner, you must all know about these unites importantly. Everyday doctors will dictate in all type of medical files about units. Now we will see about each unit one by one.

1. a.c. - ante cebum - before meals

2. ad lib - ad libitum - at pleasure

3. a.m. - ante meridum - morning

4. b.i.d. - bis in die - twice daily

5. C - Calorie

6. cc - cubic centimeter

7. cm - centimeter

8. cm3 - cubic centimeter

9. d - die - day

10. dL - deci litre

11. EU - Euphorium

12. F.- Faraday

13. ft. - fect

14. g - gram

15. gm - gram

16. gr. - gravida

17. hr. - hora/hour

18. h.s. - hora somni - at bed time

19. IM - Intramuscular

20. IU- International Unit

In the next lesson, we will see more about these units. You should all memorize these units by reading it again and again with its meaning.

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