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Friday, October 22, 2010


In this post we are going to deal about Pathological Conditions of bone such as osteomyelitis, osteoporosis, and talipes.  

Osteomyelitis is the word from Greek and in which osteon means bone, myelo means marrow and -itis means inflammation. So it can also be called as inflammation of the bone and bone marrow. Bacteria enters the body through the wound and extends from an infection at the bone or come from a skin or infection of the throat. The mostly affected from this Osteomyelitis were the children and this infection usually occurs in the long bones of the legs and the arms. This bacteria can travel into the bone through the bloodstream from another infected areas in the body. This is also called as hematogenous. People suffering from this osteomyelitis feel severe pain in the infected bone, and suffer from fever and chills, feel tired or nauseated or have a feeling of not being well generally. The skin at the top of the infected bone may be sore, red and swollen. The lesion begins as an abscess (inflammation with pus collection). Pus spreads down the medullary cavity and outward to the periosteum. In this situation antibiotic therapy corrects the condition, so that abscess can be prevented or stopped.

Osteoporosis means ‘a disease of bones’ that develops to an increased risk of fracture. It also means the decrease in bone density  or mass, bone becomes weak and thin, that means the bone mineral density(BMD) becomes less.

Osteoporosis condition is also called as Osteopenia, because the interior of bones is diminished in structure, as if the steel skeleton of a building had been rusted and worn down. It commonly occurs in older women as a consequence of estrogen deficiency with menopause.

Estrogen deficiency promotes excessive bone resorption (osteoclast activity) and less bone deposition. Weakened bones are  subjected to fractures, reduction in height and kyphosis occur as vertebrae collapse. The therapy of Estrogen replacement and larger intake of calcium may be helpful for some patients also.

A weight-bearing daily exercise program is also important. It can also occur with atrophy or misuse as in a limb that is in a cast, or in the legs of a paraplegice, or in a bedridden patient. It may also occur in men as part of the aging process and in patients given corticosteroid (harmones made by the adrenal gland and used to treat inflammatory conditions) therapy.

This is also called as Clubfoot which is the congenital deformity of the bones of the foot means that the patient cannot stand with the sole of the foot flat on the ground. The defect can be corrected by orthopedic splinting in the early months of infancy. This clubfoot depends on what classification it is given.

 In this genetic influence increase dramatically with history of family. Growth arrests at roughly 9 weeks and compartment syndrome which is a defect with chromosome. Talipes equinovarus also called TEV was previously assumed that postural TEV could be caused by external influences in the final trimester such as intrauterine compression.

In the next post we would learn about the Types of joints.

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