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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Definition of Gerunds in English Grammar

Until the prior post,we have learnt about Infinitives. From this lesson, we will learn about Gerunds. When we introduce what is a gerund, we can consider any verb and adding 'ing' to it. For example, take the verb 'go', this is an order to go anywhere of someone, with this verb add 'ing', and we will get going.  Other examples are reading, coming, swimming, etc., In all the present form verbs, we can add 'ing' to make it a gerund. After adding 'ing' to any verb, it becomes a gerund and to it is a NOUN. We can use these nouns in the sentences as nouns and it can be used both in subject part of the sentence or in the objective part of the sentence. For example, Going to my aunt's house will make my father angry. In this sentence going is used in the subject part of the sentence. Other examples of using gerunds in the subject part of a sentence.

Gerund as subject in the sentences:

1. Fishing is my best hobby.

2. Bathing everyday is an essential thing.

3. Readin gives refreshment to our brains.

Gerund as object in the sentences:

1. He is tired of swimming.

2. All of you stop crying.

3. Your crew went went shooting.
Gerunds can also be found in the middle of the sentences too, but hesitantly we should not consider those as gerunds. If we find, gerunds in the middle of the sentence, those words may be participle. You should use a noun test to prove if one word in the sentence is a gerund or not. In grammar of a sentence, any verb with 'ing' adding to it is a continuous tense, it may be past continuous or present continuous or future continuous. So all verbs ending 'ing' are not gerunds. Because every verb in continuous tense should come with an auxiliary verb, for example, he is going to temple. So to differentiate whether one word is gerund, it should not be with auxiliary. If it has one auxiliary verb with it, then it is continuous verb. Okay.

In the next lesson, we will see about gerunds and its combinations.

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