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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tuning Fork Hearing Tests - Lesson 295

Tuning fork hearing tests are useful in evaluating a person's hearing ability. This test will be performed by a specialist who examines a patient is called as an audiologist. Every time an audiologist uses an instrument to perform this evaluation that is known as an audiometer. Different frequencies of sound waves are used to evaluate a person's hearing sensitivity by the audiologist. You might also hear about other hearing ability tests, such as Rinne test and Weber test. In this evaluation, a tuning fork is used as a source of vibration to test the patient. A tuning fork instrument is kept on the mastoid process of the patient. It is also kept in the external auditory meatus. The main aim of keeping the tuning fork in the above-said areas is to test the bone in these areas and also to test the air movement. This type of test is called as Weber test. To perform Weber or Rinne test, the person should be sit in a room with sound proof with a headset. The headphone will be connected to an audiometer. The main objective of Weber test is to evaluate bone conduction in the both ears. To perform this test, a tuning fork will be kept on the forehead of the patient.

The both tuning fork hearing tests, such as Weber and Rinne tests are useful in evaluating what kind of hearing loss is occured in the patient. Even if the patient cannot feel sound sensation while performing tuning fork tests, then it is considered to be conductive hearing loss. The sound sensation may be higher in the affected ear when the tuning fork is kept on the forehead of the patient. Actually the patients with sensorineural hearing loss will get only less sound sensation in the ear with less hearing. If the hearing loss is conductive type, then the patient the problem in the outer ear or in the middle ear. If the patient's hearing loss is sensorineural type, then the problem in the cochlea.

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