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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Suffix or word ending is of two types i.e. NOUN SUFFIXES and ADJECTIVE SUFFIXES. Now we will the list of each one by one. These suffixes are used most common in medical transcription.

Now we will see NOUN SUFFIXES.

1. -algia means pain- arthralgia-pain in the joints
neuralgia-pain the nerves
otalgia-pain in the ear
myalgia-pain in the muscle

2. -cele means hernia
rectocele-hernia in the rectum (for female)
cystocele-hernia in the bladder

3. -centesis means surgical puncture to remove fluid
thoracocentesis-puncture the chest to remove fluid
amniocentesis-puncture of the abdomen (also known as paracentesis)

4. -coccus means berry-shaped
streptococcus-a bacteria looked like twisted chain
staphylococci-cluster shaped bacteria

5. -dynia means pain
pleurodynia-pain of chest

6. -ectomy means excision, removal, resection
laryngectomy-removal of voice box
mastectomy-removal of breast

7. -emia means blood condition
anemia-condition of the RBC in blood
ischemia-obstruction of blood flow due to the removing of blood vessels

8. -genesis means condition of producing, forming
carcinogenesis-producing cancer
angiogenesis-development of new blood vessels

9. -genic means pertaining to, producing
carcinogenic-pertaining to producing cancer

10. -gram means record
electroencephalogram-record of brain waves

11. -graph means instrument for recording

12. -graphy means process of recording

13. -itis means inflammation
bronchitis-inflammation of bronchial tubes
tonsilitis-inflammation of tonsils
blepharitis-inflammation of eyelids

14. -logy means study of
psychology-study of mind
ophthalmology-study of eyes

15. -lysis means breakdown, destruction, separation
hemolysis-breakdown of blood cells

16. -malacia means softening
osteomalacia-softening of bones
chondromalacia-softening of cartilage

17. -megaly means enlargement
acromegaly-enlargement of abnormal growth of extremities
splenomegaly-enlargement of spleen

18. -oma means tumor, mass, collection of fluid
myoma-tumor of muscles
myeloma-tumor of bone marrow
hematoma-mass of blood in a cavity

19. -opsy means to view
biopsy-to view live cells
autopsy-to view dead cells

20. -osis means condition, usually abnormal
necrosis-condition of dead tissue
hydronephrosis-abnormal condition of kidney
lymphocytosis-abnormal increase in the lymph cells

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